Having fire alarm systems installed has its obvious advantages. A fire detector alerts you when you are busy, working or sleeping. You can therefore take action before major damage takes place, thus saving you the cost of property loss. Yet, there are other unseen and commonly unknown advantages to having a quality fire protection system and smoke detection system installed in a building or home.




  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency and Exit Lights
  • Sprinkler Systems



  • Smoke Detector
  • Fire Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Conventional Fire Alarm-Eyecatch Infotech

    Conventional Fire Alarm


    The conventional fire alarm system is an early warning system design for small offices.

    These fire alarm systems are not expensiveyet now it can be challenging locating the alarms.

    Basically, if a conventional fire alarm detects a fire,it might disclose to you the zone/zone of the flame however not the precise area of the flame.There’s no design where a particular fire alarm can signal exactly where the fire is happening.

    Analog Fire Alarm System-Eyecatch Infotech

    Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System


    Addressable analog technology provides more detailed and precise data to the technician, the owner and the fire service. Once programmed and installed,Addressable-analog fire alarm systems are easy maintain for those electrical contractors who market ongoing maintenance contracts.

    Wireless Fire Alarm-Eyecatch Infotech

    Wireless Fire Alarm


    Wireless Fire Alarm Systems offers the ultimate in speed and ease of installation. These systems are turned to be an efficient and cost-effective way of giving the very best fire protection in your premises whether you're searching for a complete wireless fire alarm system or a way to easily expand your existing solution.